Our focus for Term 5 is based around the book 'The Queens hat' by Steve Antony. The children will learn about the sights of London, the Queen, her corgi's and her hat!  We will scurry through London Zoo, travel up and over Big Ben, across Tower bridge and around the London eye finally finishing at Kensington Gardens.  As this book comes to a close the children will consolidate their learning of London and our Queen with a celebration to mark her Platinum year. 


Listed below are some of the weekly activities and craft the children will be doing in the pre-school based around this book. 

 Week 1 - Tuesday 19th April 2022

Activities/craft - Design a hat for the Queen

Items to bring in from home - Your favourite hat to wear

Week 2 - Monday 25th April 2022

Activities/craft - Making union jack flags and listening to the National Anthem

Items to bring in from home - Anything with the union jack on or something with all 3 colours on

Week 3 - Tuesday 3rd May 2022 (May bank holiday)

Activities/craft - Making animal masks from London Zoo

Items to bring in from home - Something the same shape as the London eye

Week 4 - Monday 9th May 2022

Activities/craft - As the Queen travels across Tower bridge, we will be using different resources to make our own bridge, Drawing maps of London and making a Big Ben model as a group activity.

Items to bring in from home - We will be listening to the virtual chimes of Big Ben as it helps us to tell the time.  What other sounds do clocks make?  Can you bring in a clock with an alarm or bell.

Week 5 - Monday 16th May 2022

Activities/craft - Design and draw your own stamp to show the Queen

Items to bring in from home - What question would you ask the Queen if you had the chance to meet her? (Parents could you write your child's question on a piece of paper for them to bring in and share with the group)

Week 6 - Monday 23rd May 2022

Activities/craft - Making crowns, sandwiches, cakes and tea for a very special celebration

Items to bring in from home - Wear your smartest clothes to our special party for the Queen.


Our last day of term 5 is Friday 27th May 2022



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