We have two focus books for Term 3.  Our first book is called 'Which food will you choose' by Claire Potter and Ailie Busby and 'Why should I brush my teeth?' by Usborne Books.



Listed below are some of the weekly activities and craft the children will be doing in the pre-school based around these books.  To continue your child's learning journey at home we have also listed some suggested activities and discussions for you to do with them as a family.

 Week 1 - Tuesday 4th January 2022

Activities/craft - Drawing pictures of your favourite food

Items to bring in from home - Any magazines you have containing pictures of food, both healthy and unhealthy, for the children to cut out.  Also please ask your child to bring in a from home that is red that they can show us at group time.

Week 2 - Monday 10th January 2022

Activities/craft - Sorting foods into healthy and unhealthy groups

Items to bring in from home - A food that is yellow

Week 3 - Monday 17th January 2022

Activities/craft - The taste challenge

Items to bring in from home - A food that is green

Week 4 - Monday 31st January 2022

Activities/craft - Children to follow a recipe to make whole wheat pizza bagels.  What toppings would they like to add?

Items to bring in from home - A food that is orange.  Extra toppings for our pizzas for example olives, pineapple, pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes.

Week 5 - Monday 31st January 2022 - This week we will be celebrating Chinese new year (the year of the Tiger).

Activities/craft - We will be discussing where foods come from.  We will help the children research using books and the internet, to then add our chosen foods to a large map of the World.

Items to bring in from home - A food that is purple

Week 6 - Monday 7th February 2022

Activities/craft - Oral health focus. We will be playing lots of games such as the smile game, clean those teeth and toothbrush painting

Items to bring in from home - A photograph of just your child's mouth and teeth for a guess who smile game.

If you haven't already, do please book to take your child for a visit to the dentist.


Our last day of term 3 is Friday 11th February 2022



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